Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Made Laundry Soap!!

I have been making the liquid homemade soap for a while.  However I decided I was ready for a change (due to storage issues) and decided to give the dry 'powder' homemade soap a try!!

I went over to this website - Check it out!!!

The ingredients are the same, but the whole process was SO much easier!!


I purchased these at my small grocery store

I used the Fels-Naptha soap because that's what a friend recommended to me!

Give it a try and let me know what you think!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

YEAH!! I'm a Winner!!

We have been VERY sick at our house this week!! and so when I received 'You're a Winner!!' email I was so EXCITED!!

I posted a comment on a blog competition on one of my FAVORITE blogs   and guess what!!! I won!!
Fashion headbands Creativity for Kids

Creativity for Kids Monster Lab
The Creativity for Kids Giveaway!!

I won 2 kits from this website!!

Visit all the Creativity For Kids links!

When I get the kits (one for Jam1 and one for Boo!!) I will get the kids to review them!!

If you EVER short of something to do or make this blog is the answer!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What a GREAT Weekend!!

The trip to the lake was such fun!

I had picked up a little fishing pole for little Jam he loved it but referred to it as his 'Fish Whip' for the first two days!!
Jam tried to show him how to cast off the side of the canoe, but he insisted he knew exactly how to use it ALL BY HIMSELF!  DH put a hook on the end that looked like a fish (and then cut the sharp hooks off). Whenever he pulled it out of the water he was convinced he had caught a little green fish!

The weather was supposed be stormy however, we only had a little rain one night.  The evenings were wonderful and the temperature got down to about 65 - 70 degrees! We had to put on our sweaters and wrap in blankets (me and little jam) to look at the star's using Grandma's glow in the dark book!!

We were camping next to a little inlet and so Jam and Boo were allowed to take the canoe out by themselves, it was such a picture -- Jam sat at the back doing all the paddling and Boo sat up the front casually fishing!!

Jam even took it out by himself! He had proven to be an expert canoeist! I asked him if had been practicing and he just said "No, I just watched Dad a lot!" - Shows what kids can pick up when you don't think they are paying attention!

Boo was our expert 'Smore' maker!

At one point she nearly lost a marshmallow 

                                              but, caught it to make the perfect smore!!

What a fun weekend full of memories!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't you love it when....

We went to the library last week....

Jam ran off by himself to find 'Inkheart' ( - but that's a different story!!

Boo wanted help choosing a new chapter book....

Anyway so here's how it went...

Mom  " Why don't we try 'The Boxcar Children' series."
Boo    "Boxcar children .. sounds weird!"
Mom  "I'll order the first one and you can try it."
Boo    " But Mom, what's it about!"
Mom  " Just wait and read it"

.... Fast Forward 4 days ....(waiting for book and finishing current book)

Last night...

Boo "Mom 'The Boxcar Children' is AWESOME!"

Phew!! I have just gone up a few pegs in the ability to recommend books!!! YEAH!!!

Here's a link to the series list on wikipedia just in case anyone else has a 8 year old they want to keep reading this summer!!

Have a great day!!! Read a Book!!!

(no one paid me for this review - it was just the honest opinion of my 8 year old DD)

Monday, June 6, 2011

WOW - first ever post!!

The Summer has finally started!! 

97 degrees today!!!

So our new adventure into the world of Homeschooling begins!!!

Jam (DS 10), Boo (DS 8) are very excited and Little Jam (DS 2) is just glad that the big kids are finally home!!

I invite you all to tag along for our newest adventure!

Jam and Boo were so excited on Thursday when we had arrived home from our local library 'Summer Kick Off' event to find that Grandpa (visiting from England) had accepted the delivery of their new school books!!

Boo's first comment was ... 'Can I just do a little maths now Mom!"

This is what we have planned so far:

Jam (10) Saxon 6/5 Math, Apologia Science, Ancient History, Spanish, and Simply Grammar (with as many books as he can get his hands on to read).  He also has piano lessons and is very active in our community soccer program!

Boo (8) Saxon 3 (to her disgust - she scored 100% on the test and thought she should be able to skip a year) everything else will be the same as her DB. She loves competing with Jam - although they started piano at the same time Boo was two years younger - Did that slow her down!! no... she worked so hard to keep at the same level as Jam!!

Little Jam (2) as much trouble as he can get into!! We are starting slowly on the ABC's and phonics sounds - He has already mastered his colors!! I wish we could master toilet training as quick!!!

Other than this we want to slow down and enjoy the pool!

Although we have decided to school year round I think these first few weeks we will take it very slow!!

We have Nana and Grandpa visiting from England right now.  A week after they go back we have our 16 year old niece visiting from England - So excited-!!!

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