Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't you love it when....

We went to the library last week....

Jam ran off by himself to find 'Inkheart' ( - but that's a different story!!

Boo wanted help choosing a new chapter book....

Anyway so here's how it went...

Mom  " Why don't we try 'The Boxcar Children' series."
Boo    "Boxcar children .. sounds weird!"
Mom  "I'll order the first one and you can try it."
Boo    " But Mom, what's it about!"
Mom  " Just wait and read it"

.... Fast Forward 4 days ....(waiting for book and finishing current book)

Last night...

Boo "Mom 'The Boxcar Children' is AWESOME!"

Phew!! I have just gone up a few pegs in the ability to recommend books!!! YEAH!!!

Here's a link to the series list on wikipedia just in case anyone else has a 8 year old they want to keep reading this summer!!

Have a great day!!! Read a Book!!!

(no one paid me for this review - it was just the honest opinion of my 8 year old DD)

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