Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Amazing Find - Librivox!!!

I was introduced to a fantastic free online service this week called 'librivox' for those of you who LOVE audio books this is a wonderful place to hang out, or even volunteer!!

Here's a snip from their website...

Librivox plans to read all the books in the public domain

About Listening to LibriVox

LibriVox audiobooks are free (*). You may use them for whatever purpose you like. Click here for information about our public domain license. Click here to hear some samples of LibriVox recordings.
There are several options for listening. The first step is to get the audio files (mp3 or ogg vorbis) into your own computer. There are two main ways to do this:

Click back to their website for the rest of their instructions

OR volunteer

Volunteering for LibriVox
LibriVox volunteers read and record chapters of books in the public domain (books no longer under copyright), and make them available for free on the Internet. Practically, this means we record bookspublished before 1923. All our recordings (including yours, if you volunteer for us) are also donated into the public domain.
We record books in all languages.
You do not need any prior experience to volunteer for LibriVox, nor do you need to audition or send us samples. All you need is your voice, some free software, your computer, and maybe an inexpensive microphone.
All LibriVox activity (book selection, project management, discussion, etc) happens on our Forum, and you’ll need to register there to join us. Our forum members are a friendly bunch, and questions will be answered there quickly (much more quickly than if you send us an email!).
We do suggest you read the document below, before registering and posting on the Forum, to get an idea of how everything works.

read more here...

Since we are Home-schooling this year it is a FANTASTIC find!!

I stumbled across a FREE home-school curriculum called Ambleside online which is absolutely fantastic!

Someone has gone to the effort of linking their reading lists to librivox!!

This is the link for the 0-4 years and then it links to the higher years at the bottom of the page!!

But here it is for ease!!

Even if you are not using the Ambleside book lists or homeschooling make sure to check it out soon!!

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