Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Library Thing

I need to tell you about a very fun website called Library Thing.  It is a free website where you can catalog all the books that you have read or want to read.
There is also some other fun features on the website.

There are blogs you can read, featured authors you can read about and the most fun (according to me) opportunities to read and review books.

Anyone (The Gossamer Sphere)
I recently 'won' the opportunity to read and review the book 'Anyone' for kindle written by Melissa Conway
I loved the book, it was written for young adults - however it was perfect for me!! Sometimes books written for adults have too much bad language and .. steamy stuff in!!

Read my review here 

I have also been 'awarded' two other books to review!! If you love reading and are willing to give new authors or less known authors a try it's an excellent opportunity and most of all free!

I have just downloaded a copy of another Melissa Conway's book 'The Gossamer Sphere'

 The Gossamer Sphere
I am hoping it is as good as 'Anyone'.

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