Thursday, November 3, 2011

Successful Present

What do you buy a turning three year old when he only obsessions are Toy Story, Cowboys, and Hot Wheels!
(Yes, and he is going to be a 'REAL' Cowboy when he grows up - however he will be the only one with 'REAL' sword)

Well after wandering around Walmart  toy departments I finally stumbled upon this amazing toy

Hot Wheel Wall Tracks Starter set!!

What sold me was the fact it doesn't take up floor space, and I wouldn't have to be forever 'fixing' the track all day.
Well roll forward to birthday morning and my Husband (directed by Boo) put it together on the wall.
(I just realized the pictures are on my Husbands phone so I will have to add them later)
Boo, Jam, Little Jam, Daddy and later Grandpa all enjoyed playing with this ... well who ever outgrows Hot Wheels.

I am also pleased to report - a few days later that is still perfectly in place on the wall!!

(This review has not been paid for in anyway - in fact I even purchased the toy)


  1. Definitely!! It is also still intact after nearly a week of rough play!!!


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