Thursday, December 15, 2011

I was given a copy of the PDF book 'Take 5' from  Kaye Hagler in PDF format to review from Librarything.

I was very interested in reading about her ideas for building 'Critical Thinking'.

After reading through her introduction there are 182- ready to use templates which the author calls 'prompts' that are ready to use or modify to individual needs. 

Here's a copy of the first one:

act quickly

In literature, the antagonist is often seen as the bad guy or villain.
The antagonist, however, isn’t always a human being. It can be
anything that creates conflict with the main character. If a character
gets stranded in a snowstorm, the storm can be the antagonist. The
antagonist could be a disease, a temptation, an opposing team, or even
yourself! If it causes a problem, then it’s probably an antagonist.
you are the hero in this story. As a hero, you must
battle many forces. These are your antagonists. You have
just scaled the wall of a castle. It seems empty, but there
are many surprises inside. Opening the door to the Great
Hall, you discover a line of doors on each side. Two doors
are on the left; two doors are on the right. An antagonist
lurks behind each one.

Your task is to make two columns
on your paper.

In the first column, describe the antagonist
you encounter. In the second column, describe how you
overcome your antagonist.


Fire-breathing dragon   -    Spray dragon with a fire extinguisher

Four antagonists are ready to do battle–be quick!

There are also extra links that add more than 100 extension lessons.  For example the above prompt contains this link - which is an excellent resource in itself.

I think with some adaptations this book would be an excellent home-school resource to incorporate critical thinking skills in a quick daily activity.  

This book contains excellent ideas that I will definitely use in the future.

These views are my own. I was not paid for this review, however I did receive a free e-book download.  

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