Monday, February 6, 2012

English Things we miss

If you would have asked us thirteen years ago when we first moved to the US from England our list would have been extremely long, but over the years we have realized that there are only so many English things we can truly not live without! 

1. Of course has to be family and friends. We have just returned home to the U.S and it has been very sad to leave behind so many people. However all are welcome to visit and or Skype  and Tango as often as possible. (and hopefully it will not be 13 years before we head back over the sea)

2. Has to be FOOD this list has truly become quite short but very important. Things like HP SauceBranston PickleColman's MustardBiscuit Boost (my favorite) or Twirl my husband's favorite!! Monster Munch are also a favorite!!
 Twirl Boost-old-new.jpg

We also decided during this last visit that Pork pie's were so yummy we had to make some when we got home.  So watch this space as they are in the oven thanks to my darling husband.

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