Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a bit of a crazy night last night little Jam had a pretty rough night... which of course means that my hubby and I also had a rough night. In the wee hours of the morning we were spending some 'quality' time together cleaning up after our three year old. Definitely not how I envisioned starting off Valentine's Day!

Anyway after only having a couple of hours of sleep (I started work at 4am).  I thought that may be I should have got my kids something cute for Valentines. (I think 4am is a bit late for this)

After checking a couple of my emails I opened one from Beverly Hernandez from homeschooling.about.com
she sent an email with links to some fun Valentine activities that I could quickly put together and make my kids think I had prepared for this (at least before 4am).

This is what I did for today;

 Valentine's Day Printables

  Valentine's Day Printables
This Video or show coupon is VERY valuable in our house as we don't watch a lot of TV
 Valentine's Day Printables

Head over to her site and check it out!

My kids were very pleased this morning and asked if they could use on straight away.  

(I told them the 'HUG' coupon was reusable they just need to mention the coupon to instantly redeem it) 

I also printed out a couple of the other sheets found here for some fun this afternoon.

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  1. What a cute idea! I've seen some cute things, but my printer either needs better ink...or is dead. Of course the hug one would be reusable!


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