Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We have been on tender hooks the last few weeks waiting for our outside cat 'Black Tiger' to have her first litter of kittens.
Last Monday the day arrived and what was excitement soon turned into upset. As the kids ran out to find the kittens they found four lying all over the grass in our garden plot looking lifeless. Boo was completely distract and kept saying 'Why does this have to happen to me!"
After some thought I decided to leave the kittens alone as my husband (who is braver than me by far) was out. Later Boo wanted to 'check' on them - as she insisted a miracle could happen.


You would not believe how excited she was to come in and tell me that she saw a kitten move! I went out a little (a lot) dubious to check on her findings.

She was right all four were showing signs of life - AMAZING

We went inside to get some warm bedding etc... When we came back two were gone.....

We realized that Black Tiger was moving them. So I said those horrible words --- "You will have to leave them alone and let her look after them"

Yesterday we had some more good and bad news! We found out there was actually SIX kittens. YES SIX! From none to four to SIX!

However later in the day Black Tiger decided to move them from the garden plot (in a fenced area) to under our deck, under our canoe. However somewhere during the trip she lost one and we found a little dead kitten on the grass.

So now we are back down to five.  The kids buried it and had a little service singing 'I am a Child of God'. 

Here they are loving on the new babies

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  1. Lisa your kids are adorable and I see you and Andrew in both of them and so miss the two of you!!!


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