Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Our new Sun Room

My husband has been working really hard lately to fulfill one of my whims. Just over a month ago I said "Wouldn't it be great to have a sun room or a covered deck?"  

Anyway fast forward and a lot of hard work later we are the proud owners of a new addition to our house.

OK so here's a quick (looks so much easier in pictures) rundown of what my AMAZING, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL husband did!

That water bottle was refilled A LOT.

A very willing helper! He loved any excuse to get on the roof!

Look at our new furniture!

These boards were all nailed down - he took them up and turned them over then put a clear varnish on them.

 This is the new FAVORITE room.

Jam's favorite place to do his work.

Of course I always knew my husband can do anything he sets his mind too. I can count the times we have called a workman out or paid someone to do something for us on one hand. Actually it has been twice... yes that's right twice in twenty years and that was for an air conditioner problem - and legally he couldn't do the work.

So this post is dedicated to my wonderful husband - I love you!!

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  1. Beautiful! My hubby just finished our new sun room as well. Although ours was two years in the making! We will use ours for a school room which really excites me. Enjoy!!


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