Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Well things here are going full speed ahead and that normally means change.

The first step is the giving away of our Rabbit's and Chickens. We gave them to a friend who has a little farm  so they will be well taken care of. (Boo's highest priority!)
The chickens went with very little effort. It was hilarious seeing Jam still afraid of them after years. He was in AWE with how my friend just reached in and grabbed two chickens, one in each hand without flinching.

The following day my friend came back with an army to get our rabbits! We only had three; Mom, Dad, and baby.
However my Husband had built the rabbit hutch in our yard and it was HEAVY our gate was also not big enough to take it out easily. SO we had a huge group of people lift it - yes literally lift it over our chain link fence. It was crazy.

In the next three pictures you can see how easy it went.

1. Position it...

2. Lift with out breaking the fence....

3. Let go without smashing it on the other side....

I missed getting pictures of getting into their truck, and believe me that was almost as difficult.

When my Husband builds things he builds them to last, and obviously not to be picked up and moved easily.

The kids have now had a few weeks without the Rabbit and Chicken chores and I can honestly say they have not missed it. :)

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