Friday, August 31, 2012

Narrations Jar

As school has started I was looking for something to liven up our narrations a little. I do require the two big kids to do a written narration once a week (twice for Jam).
However I saw a fun idea here and thought I would try this to add a twist of excitement to our day.

I changed a couple of the labels (My kids would die laughing if they read Mama). I also removed the playdoh and blocks as when my kids get those out it's hard to get them to stop.

Draw and label a map based on the reading.
Copy two important or interesting quotations from the reading.
Draw a portrait and write a short description of a person or character in the reading.
Write two important facts or events from the reading.
Tell me how someone in the reading behaved.
Find and define two new or important words from the reading.
Create a short comic strip based on the reading
Give an oral narration.
Write a letter from the point-of-view of a person in the reading.
Create a poster related to the reading.
Act out events in the reading.
Draw a picture from your reading.
Type your Narration and email it to Dad.
Type your Narration and email it to Nana and Grandpa.
Type your Narration and email it to Grandma and Grandpa.
Narrate to Mom.
Write down two sentences about what you read.
Think about another story or even that reminds you of what you just read about. Tell Mom about it.
Write down two sentences about what you read.
You have 10 minutes to plan a short skit from what you read.
If you were giving a test on this reading, what are three questions you would ask?
Skip the narration today.

I put my slips in a glass jar and then 'modge pogded' a label on it so little jam wouldn't pull it off!
Added a ribbon and Jam found it before the glue had dried and pulled out a slip!

and off we went.....

The Modge Podge was not quite dry when I took the picture...but it wasn't when Jam pulled his first slip so you will just have to forgive me.


  1. These are great ideas...thanks for sharing! We'll have to try some of them. :)

  2. Glad you like them! I am sure I will add one or two as we go one! Boo did the "Write a Comic Strip" she had been reading about the death of Shakespeare and did one about him leaving his wife a bed...very funny!

  3. We have a narration jar and I think I'm going to add some of your ideas to ours. I love the emailing idea (that might get my kids to write - they love emailing Grandma and Grandpa!). Thanks for sharing.


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