Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Not" First Day Back at School

"Not" First Day Back at School

We had a fun day today. The school bus went past and we were all still snoozing. August is a quiet time for me and I had a morning with no lessons (I teach English to international business people) thanks to a public holiday in most of Europe! 
When I talk about a lazy morning I mean that I get up around 7:30am (I know not as lazy as some) considering I used to get up at 2:45am it is.
Anyway by 8:30 everyone was up and breakfast done. We all got down to business, I had some church work to do and the older kids got their schedule out. I was giving Jam and Boo a weekly schedule but they have decided they want be to actually break down their weekly work into daily assignments. I think it will be a good change and make sure we don't overload or fall behind.
We are very casual homeschoolers I don't mean we are casual about our work just more casual about where we do it. I have caught the kids led on their beds, led on the jungle gym or sat at the table in the sun room. Basically anywhere they are comfortable.
Our favorite place is the sun room. We have missed it over the summer but then we also increase our PE time by spending EVERY afternoon at our local outdoor water park/pool! I call it a water park because we have 2 amazing slides (twisty ones like at a water park) and 2 diving boards including a high dive. 
However the last two days we have had some unseasonably cool weather and the kids went straight for the sun room. 

I know that I have posted these pictures before but I didn't have time to take new ones.

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