Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Vacation Highlights - Disney and Seaturtles

Summer Vacation Update

One of the joys that I have found homeschooling is that it is truly that... it never stops! Whether we are actually having school or on vacation it is a blast.
Earlier this year we spent 3 amazing weeks in England catching up with my husband's family and celebrating his Nana's 100th birthday it was a blast.
However we have just come back from a 2 week trip to Florida to celebrate my parents 45th wedding anniversary with all my family.
We drove yes...21 hours each way, even though my husband had to fly home early and so only had to drive one way. (My penance for an extra week of vacation was driving home with 3 kids - yep 1 adult, 3 kids, 21 hours - sounds fun right!!!)
But WOW was it worth it. The first week we spent at Disney (you have to right... Florida = Disney World!)
We were very fortunate to stay at the  Boardwalk Disney Resort it is definitely our favorite. We did however skip over to the beach club to have our family portrait done (I will add a photo when we get them) so we would have the Boardwalk in the background. 
After a week at Disney we moved to Melborne Beach. It was amazing we all stayed (19 of us) at The Bed on the Beach apart from one or two problems it was an amazing location... literally on the beach!

We stood chatting to the pool man who also was a fireman and conservationist (very interesting) and he told us it was Sea Turtle hatching time! Melborne Beach is home to LOADS of Sea Turtles and so we set out that night to see them. 

We were just about to give up when we came across this beautiful Huge Sea Turtle.  A few minutes later there were baby Sea Turtles everywhere all around our feet. We stood very still and watched them work their way to the ocean! This is a picture from the Preservation Society below and the size of the turtles we saw all around our feet. It was truly amazing.

You can't use flashlights as would hurt their eyes. However my children exclaimed "This is a once in a lifetime experience!"

Go here to learn more....


We tried to go back out every night until we left but we were always prevented by a huge storm (lightening kept us away after we were warned of the dangers - yep the handy pool man again lol)

We would have gone prepared with red lights as they are safe... hum maybe next time we go to Melborne Beach! 


  1. Now that is Nature Study!

    It sounds like you had a fabulous summer with your children.

  2. Yes it was wonderful! The Sea Turtles finished it off lovely!


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