Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lazy Eye - Cool Shades

Cool Shades

Last year about this time I blogged about the importance of eye-tests. Well it was that time of year again so last Monday afternoon we spent a delightful afternoon at the Ophthalmologist. Don't get me wrong he is amazing and so all all the staff that work there but it was a very crazy afternoon.

My oldest Jam had to choose new glasses and did a great job choosing them himself and ended up ordering a pair of Raybans. Which arrived in the office Monday and look amazing. (I will try to get a shot if he lets me.) 
I ordered my years supply of contacts, I wear daily disposables and LOVE them. I am one of the rare few who build up protein so quickly that I couldn't wear those monthly sleep in ones. (I know I tried) When I tested them they were unwearable in 24 hours. I know just call me special lol.
The main event was Little J last year we took him to get his eyes tested because I had started to notice a turn in his right eye. You can see my original blog post here.  I was told that he was majorly far sighted but we were not sure if it was a true lazy eye problem. So we bought the glasses and the right eye straighten right up. Unfortunately our doubts were realized this week. He has a lazy eye. His right eye that is weaker is not working properly. So what to do...
Monday night we started eye drop therapy. I just need to say this has not been easy, for me or Little J. His lovely personality has changed over night. He is so frustrated it makes me sad. 
For those who don't understand what eye drop therapy is here goes... basically we put an eye drop in his left (good) eye every night. This dilates the eye and makes the eyesight in it worse than normal. Hopefully the plan is to make his weaker eye stronger and to force his brain to use it equally with the other eye.
We have been told the results are normally very good especially when treatment is started early.

We have all had to be very understanding with Little J. We have not really told him what is going on, as the drops are put in while he is sleeping it seems easier.

Today we had a very bright day and Little J found it very difficult to go outside. So we took a quick trip to the ophthalmologist and and picked him up some handy shades and the world was OK again...for a few minutes.


  1. Poor little guy! I hope it works quickly, for all of your sakes!

  2. How frustrating for him. I have worn glasses since I was probably in 5th grade but didn't get my own until 7th grade (I wore my mom's glasses before that lol). My dh has somewhat of the same issue with one of his eyes. It's not a lazy eye in his case; one eye just isn't 'right'. His vision in that eye is legally blind, I believe. They tried 'therapy' with him when he was younger. But I don't know if they had the drops back then. They would cover his good eye to try to force his bad eye to work right. It didn't work for him (I don't mean to be discouraging!). He still has terrible eye sight in one eye but perfect in the other. He has very poor depth perception (he likes to say he has 'none') but is very good at compensating for that.
    Just to tell you though- he has no issues with this eye 'problem' in life. He is actually getting his pilot's license and can see things that I never could! It takes a bit more determination on the part of the person with the affected eye but it can still turn out good.
    Praying that your son's treatment results in a positive outcome :)

  3. Thanks for your prayers! The Doctor is very encouraging. He has some vision in the eye the doctor said it was about +9.65 or something like that. Last night for the first time he acknowledged a problem with his 'good' eye the one we are putting the drops in. He was sat next to me as said "one of my eyes not working properly!". Hopefully we will have some good news on Monday.


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