Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Piano lessons

My oldest children have been taking piano lessons for a few years now. If I remember correctly it is about four. 
When my youngest was born I convinced a friend of mine who plays wonderfully to take over their lessons. (THANK YOU)

Last week while we were getting ready for Church my husband asked my daughter who happened to be ready first (I know it sounds crazy that my daughter would ready before her brother but I guess I still have those teenage never get out of the bathroom years to come).
Anyway she did play hymns for us as we finished getting ready - it was wonderful.

Again this morning I had an opportunity to sit and listen to their piano practice. They didn't know I was listening (I was cleaning up the basement) it was wonderful. 

I know we always say nice things about our children, believe me I have sat through many practices of 'Twinkle Twinkle' and said they were great (and meant it). However it is nice to hear them and feel that you are listening to actual music.

So to all of you with budding pianists in your house. (Or other musical instruments)



  1. Hello; I'm friends with Blossom, on the Schoolhouse Review Crew. :-) My son wants to learn to play the violin....First he needs an instrument! ;-)

    I take it, by the title of you blog, you have rabbits and chickens; so do we...and goats, dogs, cats, and a parakeet.

    I'm a new follower; I'd love it if you come follow my blog as well:

    1. welcome! We had rabbits and chickens when I started this blog and we loved them! However we have the house up sale and so have given them to a friend. We do science together and so every two weeks my kids go and see how they are doing :)I am hoping once we get settled again we will at least get the chickens back! I miss my eggs!!Unfortunately I am crazy allergic to the rabbits, my kids and husband looked after them! I been over to your blog and started following you!
      My niece took violin and now plays very well (she is 17) however that is probably worse on the ears than the piano!

  2. Hi, I am also friends with Blossom, & I'm on the Crew. I have 3 kids still at home & they all three take piano lessons. My 11 year old is always the first one ready & she will play the piano until everyone else is ready too. I love to listen to her play.....if she would get off of there long enough for the other 2 to practice they might get as good as she is.


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