Thursday, December 27, 2012

2012 - Flashback Field Trips

We have had such an exciting year.

Visiting the 'Major Oak' Sherwood Forest where Mom and Dad got engaged

 Lighthouse at Flamborough Head (read about the battle here)

Favorite Food

Meeting a Bobby in London

Tower of London

 Resident ravens at the Tower of London check out the legend here

Follow the Raven Master on twitter here

London Bridge read about it here

 Changing of the Guard

The hill from 'Princess Bride' with their cousin read more about the area here
Mom and Dad also spent part of their Honeymoon in  Castleton, North Yorkshire. (A long time ago)

Trying out new 'Beauty Treatments'

Big Ben

A Yorkshire Coalmine

Houses of Parliament

York Minster

Stone Henge learn more from the English Heritage website here

Disney Family Reunion 


Our Beach Vacation turned into an amazing science lesson seeing a large Sea Turtle and baby Sea Turtles - No pictures as we didn't have any 'red lights' and the camera flash can cause them problems - as it was nighttime. Look here to read more about these creatures.

 A hands on experience with a friends pet snake.
 Boo's new obsession 'Rock Climbing' at our local University.
 Zoo time is our FAVORITE time

 GRRRRR Halloween at the Zoo
 Roller Skating

WOW I wonder what new experiences next years holds.....



  1. That was an amazing year full of adventure! You have inspired me to keep track of our field trips better this year. I miss roller skating. I went roller skating often with my best friend when I was much younger. Alyssa had the opportunity when she was a wee thing but I think she forgot the experience. I will have to ask her later. Thank you for sharing. I also participated in the blog cruise. You can check out our look back at 2012 here I am now following your blog. Happy New Year and God bless!

  2. Wishing you blessings in 2013! Following from the crew.

  3. How fun!!!! I can't wait to see Big Ben in person. :)


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