Monday, December 3, 2012

Lazy Eye Therapy

On of the suggestions from our eye doctor was using a hand held computer / game player. We bought Little J a Innotab last year for Christmas. I must say it is one of the best presents we have ever bought. We decided to buy it for Christmas because of a trip we had planned to England. I was thinking of something that would keep Little J entertained for a long flight and lots of car time while we were in England as we had quite a few tourist places we wanted to hit and England is not know for lack of traffic!

Anyway to cut a long story short he still LOVES it!

We don't have the Innotab 2 (just couldn't justify upgrading when his original still works so well!)

Anyway we have been using this to help Little J use his weaker eye during the time his good eye is patched. Needless to say he thinks it is a treat!


  1. Hello!

    I gave you for the Liebster Award over at my blog, hope you don't mind - you can read more here:

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  2. Visiting from TOS Crew. Fascinated to see that you have been to England. We live in England-I think that I might be the only Crew member here but I'm not sure.

  3. My husband and I are from England. We have lived in the States for 14 years.


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