Sunday, December 16, 2012

Skype Latin Lessons

We spent this afternoon dropping of homemade candy to some of our friends and wishing them a Merry Christmas. We had a wonderful time. Boo and Jam did an excellent job singing 'Oh Come all ye Faithful' in Latin. (Little J even joined in).

My wonderful mother in law gives them Latin lessons once a week. The amazing thing is that she lives in England and we live in the US.

Yes that's right once a week my oldest children have a Latin lesson via Skype and it works wonderfully. They have even learned how to use Skype all by themselves which I think is pretty good computer skills. Their Skype account (well our special family one for the kids to use) is very limited only Nana and Grandpa and Grandma and Grandpa.

They have really enjoyed their lessons and the time with Nana and Grandpa. Even Little J gets to interact with them weekly. Skype is so much better than the telephone to help children build relationships with relatives that live so far away.

Just in case you are interested here are the words of the Christmas Carol.

Adeste Fideles
Adeste Fideles
Laeti triumphantes
Venite,venite in Bethlehem
Natum videte
Regem angelorum
Venite adoremus,Venite  adoremus
Venite adoremus, Dominum


  1. Now that sounds amazing ! Would she be interested in doing a Skype lesson with us ?? (being me, Sir N and a friend and her two lambs) We so would love to learn Latin! When I saw the title of this post I thought oh yes please! Latin lessons on Skype count me in. My Latin pronunciation drives my other half nuts!
    I agree Skype is an excellent way to build a relationship with family far away :)

    1. I am afraid Nana would be too nervous to teach others :)


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