Friday, January 18, 2013

Lazy Eye Therapy - At home therapy

Wednesday Jan 15 -
We went to our Vision Therapy Center today. Little J was not very happy when we got there as he had fallen asleep in the car on the way down. He doesn't nap anymore on a regular basis but long car drives after lunch would send me to sleep.
After a few minutes I got him to cooperate a little and he started to play some of the games. He is not happy however as the therapist told us he has to wear a proper patch on his good eye while using the computer program. The black pirate patch looks very uncomfortable. Luckily the therapist had some of the sticky eye patches. Although he won't like wearing them at least they don't look quite as uncomfortable.

I installed the program on my laptop so we all already to start.

Friday Jan 18 -
Well we completed the first session yesterday. It wasn't as bad as I thought. We really tried to use the big black pirate patch (because that is what the cartoon face in the program wears and Little J wanted to match) but it just wasn't designed for Little J's small head and kept slipping. I tried to make a elastic tighter by putting a little knot in it and it made it too tight. We ended up having to stop and put on one of those sticky patches. It worked a lot better (so I am going to need to stock up) they loose their 'stickiness' so we will need one per day. When we do our session today we will just start out with the sticky patch and hopefully things will go smoother.

Little J was a little stressed today - so no pictures. Maybe next time. 

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