Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lazy eye update

We have just come home from the eye doctor. It was not all bad news.
Here is the plan...
1. Patching the good eye for two hours everyday. (While doing close up work or mealtimes.)
2. At home eye therapy with a computer program.
3. Check back with the eye doctor in about 5-6 weeks.
Here is a picture with Little J doing his Funnix Reading Program worksheet. He is wearing the patch...can you see it! Yeah it's basically invisible.


  1. goodness me it is ! My oldest child had patch treatment as a baby. We used to patch his good eye for 48 hours then the good one for 24 we did this for six weeks and then he had surgery.
    It's amazing how effective this is :) The hardest part is other peoples reaction to your childs patch!

    It is hard but worth it. Keep it up :)

  2. That's why this patch is SO amazing! Little J calls it his camouflage patch...because no one can see it. We go to the Vision Therapy Center next Wednesday to receive training on the at home program. Luckily they don't do surgery anymore.


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