Monday, February 4, 2013

Training kittens

We have an outside cat. The kids named her Black tiger.

She has had two litters of kittens. The first litter was born last spring and we thought we had lost all of them. It was a dreadful sight. We kept checking on them. Boo insisted that a miracle would happen. It did quite a few of the tiny kittens survived.

However Back tiger was not the best mother. She kept moving the kittens putting them in danger. So having an empty rabbit hutch we intervened. We gathered the kittens and the mom and put them in the hutch for a little while. During this time the kids bonded with them and had a great time. Country living eventually took it's toll and we lost them.

The second litter of kittens was born around the beginning of winter. Again Black tiger kept moving them and we lost a couple.
Suddenly one morning all of the kittens and Black tiger disappeared. Boo was heartbroken. A few weeks later Black tiger returned with three adorable wild, crazy, (I will scratch your eyeballs out if you come near me) kittens.
Boo is convinced she can tame them. Her favorite (Dot) is her newest project. Armed with tuna fish she is gradually making friends. Her goal is to get all three kittens eating out of the palm of her hand.

I wonder how many cans of tuna I will find missing.


  1. I love kitties! And I believe that kids can learn so much from caring for animals! Great pictures!

  2. Great pictures! We had a cat that look almost identical to the white one with blue eyes.

    Cats will move their kittens around if they feel like their space is being invaded. Kids will almost always give a new mama and her babies more attention than mama desires. We don't let our kids mess with babies on the farm until they are at least six weeks old. I will play with the new calves just because by six weeks they get really strong.

  3. My boys would be so jealous as they'd love cats. But, I can't have them around because of allergies.

  4. That's exactly why they are 'OUTSIDE' :) I can't go near them!


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