Monday, March 11, 2013

The Young Puffin Book of Verse

Boo loves poetry. 

She recently found a poetry book I used to read when I was little. When she is not doing her school work she is walking around the house reading the poems to anyone who will listen.

The book is called 'The Young Puffin Book of Verse' complied by Barbara Ireson

My all time favorite is;

By far the naughtiest children I know
are Jasper Geranium James and Jo.

They live in a house on the Hill of Kidd,
and what in the world do you think they did?

They asked their uncles and aunts to tea,
and shouted in loud rude voices 'We

are tired of scoldings and sendings to bed:
now the grown-ups shall be punished instead.'

They said 'Auntie Em, you didn't say thank you!'
They said 'Uncle Robert, we're going to spank you!'

They pulled the beard of Sir Henry Dorner
and put him to stand in disgrace in the corner.

They scolded Aunt B, they punished Aunt Jane;
they slapped Aunt Louisa again and again.

They said 'Naughty boy!' to their Uncle Fred,
and boxed his ears and sent him to bed.

Do you think Aunts Em and Loo and B
and Sir Henry Dorner (K.C.B.)

and the elderly uncles and kind Aunt Jane
will go to tea with the children again?

Elizabeth Godley

We read poetry everyday. Jam is currently using 'Art of Poetry' by Classical Academic Press (Review coming soon) Boo is reading poems recommended for year 4 Ambleside Online (right now it is Emily Dickinson)

How do you fit poetry into your schedule. I would love to hear your ideas.

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  1. I haven't done poetry in a while, I should pull out some of our favorites again!


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