Friday, March 8, 2013

There is just something about baby animals

We had a 'cousin' sleepover last night. That may sound a strange way to describe it but it's the only way we can do it in our house. My two oldest are so close in age that when my daughter's BFF comes over we have to distinguish between the two. As you may have worked out my daughter's BFF is her cousin. 8 weeks apart in age made them completely inseparable when they were very young. We lived in the same town and they saw each other SO much they were like twins - and squabbled and loved each other like twins too. Since then my sister and her family have moved twice. The first was a convenient 30 minutes and now there second move is almost an hour and a half drive.

So when my niece comes to stay some times we have to set boundaries for Jam. If the sleepover is created due to a family need then it's a 'cousin' sleepover and everyone plays together (until bedtime then Boo gets her cousin all to herself). If it's the girls just needing to see each other then it is a 'friend' sleepover (which we ONLY do with cousins anyway - We don't 'DO' sleepovers as a rule) then Jam has to leave the girls alone.

So today being the morning of the 'cousin' sleep over and with wet hair and before breakfast what do the kids with the kittens.


At least they took turns.

Now I have to run and get ready for the day as I am taking the kids to the zoo. 

They have requested a visit to the pet store on the way to the zoo - yes to pet more baby animals. This time it will be puppies. Looks like a day of animal appreciation.

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