Monday, March 18, 2013

Zoo Field Trip

Friday was an unusually nice day. Since my nieces were having spring break we decided to take the day off and head to the zoo. This is our most common field trip and we love it. Normally we go when schools are in session because, well basically to avoid the crowds. Friday must have been the busiest day EVER at our zoo. It reminded me of Disney - I am not joking.

However the good thing about going with everyone else is that there are more zoo workers and volunteers.
We had a blast. The kids got to talk to a volunteer about the tigers, and stroke some 'real fur'.

Then we talked to a wonderful volunteer who taught the kids all about Kangaroos are softer that you think.

So it turned into an excellent educational field trip.

How do you schedule field trips? Do you prefer to go when the kids are in school? I would love to hear about your best ones.

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