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C is for Children's Books

C is for Children's Books

April 2nd was International Children's Book Day. It is celebrated every year around the birthday of  Hans Christian Anderson.

In our house reading is probably one of our favorite things to do. Little J goes to our local library once a week for a 'reading time' program that is specially put on for preschool aged children. They read stories, do crafts, and sometimes 'food' is involved Little J's favorite.

April 2 happened to be the day for our library trip. Little J loves this time, it is special as this activity is just for him, something he doesn't have to share with his older siblings.

I choose a lot of the books we read during our week but when we go to the library I let Little J loose in the children's area give him a set number and let him choose a few books for himself. These books vary in content but he loves being able to choose some for himself.

Well true to form we came back from the library with our bag bursting at the seams. Little J had chosen some new books and some of our all time favorites. Now don't judge me a lot of these I would call 'twaddly' and do not make up the bulk of our story time. We are well into Winnie the Pooh (original classic version - not Disney) for the majority of that.

These are the ones Little J chose...

Noko and the Night Monster

I am not as keen on this one but Little J likes it.

This is not my hat

Even the big kids got a chuckle out of this one.

Interrupting Chicken

This one has been read numerous times to Little J from EVERYONE.

Is Everyone Ready for FUN!

We LOVED this one - So FUN - Really because EVERYONE thinks it's fun to jump on the sofa.


  This is an all time FAVORITE.

Of course we have our family read aloud - Which Little J would like more if there were more pictures.

Product DetailsThe older kids LOVE it when we all snuggle and I read.

What are your favorite children's books. Do you let your kids choose some or do you choose them all.

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