Friday, April 26, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Here we go again...I am linking up with The Pebble Pond for Random 5 Friday.

Hopefully I can think of five things that don't bore you all so much you never come back.

1. I LOVE Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds - The Dark Chocolate flavor. (I just ate a handful). I buy them in bulk from Sam's Club.

2. We have had A LOT of rain this week. I took Little J out with me to walk the dog. I let him jump in the puddles so much we had to go back and change his clothes - it was worth it to see him have fun. (The big kids were SO jealous).

3. I took Little J for his check up at the Ophthalmologist Wednesday and his eyes have improved another 10% YEAH! When we started this journey with his Amblyopia his eye site was 20/100 he is now between 20/50 and 20/60 our original goal (well the Ophthalmologist's goal) was to get him to 20/40.

4. Grandma and the kids had a great time gardening last weekend. The older kids learned a lot about weeding and had great fun chatting with Grandma. We learned that Little J is dangerous with gardening tools especially those with sharp points. Luckily no one was hurt...we did ban him from using them though. He attacked the garden in the same was as he attacked the waves when we were at the beach - except he was A LOT closer to others in the garden and I had to reign him in a little lot.

5. My kids found a couple of old pots of marbles and it has become their new favorite past-time.

Except they don't like the rule that the winner keeps the marbles. Well at least they don't when they are not the winner.

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  1. you had me at dark chocolate almonds!! I did not know these existed, must investigate further...

  2. What a wonderful day that must have been gardening with Grandma!


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