Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blogging through the Alphabet - J is for Jam

Blogging Through the Alphabet

Last week my friend from Sagecroft Farms came over. We meet together most weeks to work on science with our children. You can see some of our adventures here.

She has been busy making Jam (YUMMY) and brought me some to try.

Caramelized Onion Jam

It was divine, my husband spread some on a pork roast before we baked it in the oven and I can't describe how Delicious it was. (Both because of the Jam and because I didn't have to cook the meal). The only draw back is that the Jam was opened before I could get a cute picture. Jam (yes that's his nickname) finished it off in a cheese sandwich and he LOVED it! My friend said it is awesome spread on top of cream cheese on a toasted bagel. However it was ALL GONE (thanks to Jam and his sandwiches) before I could try it.

My friend has LOADS of different kinds of Jam that she makes on her farm. She will be selling a lot of it at Parkville Farmer's Market near Kansas City this summer. If you live close by you should definitely pick some up!

Check out her Facebook page here and keep up to date with the adventures of this jam making, livestock raising, egg collecting, homeschooling Mom! If you ask her nicely she may even mail you some.

Here is a couple of pictures from her page to get you in the farming mood.

Now I just need some more jam...

Photo: Miss Ruby

 Photo: Sagecroft Farms will be offering pasture raised chicken.
We raise our chickens outdoors on pasture. They are surrounded by portable fencing, to protect them from predators and have portable housing so that they can be protected from the elements. Both the fencing and housing are regularly moved so that the birds always have access to fresh grass.
 Our chickens are never treated with antibiotics, hormones or other medications. Nor do we add any growth-promoting additives to their feed.  We feed certified organic non-soy feeds that produce moist tender meat. 
Our customers appreciate our chicken because of their unbeatable freshness, superior taste and the fact that they're healthier for you.  
We raise a limited supply of chicken. So we recommend that you contact us in advance to reserve what you'd like.

Check out what others are saying about the letter J here.

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