Friday, May 3, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I am enjoying these Random 5 posts. I hope you are too.

We are having crazy weather here today which starts of my Random 5 perfectly.

1. My sister's kids were off school Monday and since the weather was going to hit 86 degrees we all went to the Zoo (our FAVORITE field trip destination.)

2. Today it is freezing. Yes a big drop from Monday's temperature. In fact we have SNOW.
3. Sometimes I take pictures of recipes before I leave for the store. Even though I have a smartphone sometimes it's easier than searching the Internet while shopping.

4. My husband LOVES to cook when he is not at work. The last time he made breakfast he said he was going to make scrambled eggs. This is what I came out of the shower to find... french toast, scrambled eggs with peppers onions and cheese, bacon and homemade hash browns. Yes I agree he is awesome.

 5.  Boo was struggling a little this week remembering all of the new Math terms she is learning. To be honest sometimes I am too. So we decided to make a Math fact / Terminology book. This will basically be her dictionary for math. When she comes across or learns a new terminology then she can add it to the book. I think I saw this idea on Pinterest one day but I can't remember where or when.

 We added a 'Table of Contents to the first few pages, and then numbered the rest of the book making sure we had enough numbers in the table of contents (I hope that makes sense). There will be no alphabet order, she will basically add the title and then turn to the page to write the rule or term that she wants to remember.

I look forward to reading some of the other Random 5 Posts over at The Pebble Pond.

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  1. Our family loves going to the zoo too. We have a trip planned to see new arrived Panda this month.


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