Friday, May 24, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. I need to stop play Candy Crush.

2. I am SO ready for a long weekend. I love it when we have an extra day together. Little J asks Dad every night "Is tomorrow a holiday or do you have to work?" He is SO excited that Daddy will be home for three whole days.

3. We are using IEW and TWSS from Excellence in Writing the Jam, Boo and I are LOVING it. Grandma, Grandpa and Dad are enjoying the emails from Jam and Boo that contain little paragraphs practicing their new writing techniques. (review to come in early July)

4. Little J has learned that after May comes June. This fact has been memorized because he is SO excited that we have a English visitor (my niece) arriving in June. He walks around the house saying "It's May now but next is June and that's when my cousin arrives" they met for the first time last January (the kids first trip to England) and he loved her instantly.

5. Talking about our trip to England last year I have to tell you about the best two kinds of potato chips on the planet, Monster Munch and Hula Hoops yummy.


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