Friday, May 31, 2013

Random 5 Friday

The Pebble Pond  


1. I am running my first giveaway check it out here.

2. I am SO sick of rain, thunder storms and tornado watches.

3. My niece is coming to stay next week. Her mom and sisters are off to girls camp. Little J said "she is staying for nearly a whole week. Isn't it AWESOME" (to my English relatives - Yes he is a cowboy boot wearing, 'awesome' saying, Red White and Blue American boy) Don't you LOVE it when cousins are BEST friends.

 4.  I am gearing myself up to cut Mojo's hair today - since it is raining AGAIN and we can't go to the water park - I am grumpy about the rain today.

5. Mojo's favorite toy is a duck.

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  1. I hate tornado weather! So far, so good here in Ohio but I know its coming. ;)


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