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Review - Home School in the Woods

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Jam and I have had great fun reviewing an excellent product from Home School in the Woods called Hands on History The 20th Century Lap-Pak. This Lap-Pak is designed for grades 3-8 and so it was perfect for Jam. Boo wanted to do it too (as it looked so much fun) however since she hasn't started the 20th Century yet I told her she could do it as her final project when she has studied it.

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Jam and I loved this lap book. It came at the perfect time for us as we were just finishing up our study of the 20th Century. Jam worked on the lap book 3-4 times a week. He would read the text and then work on the project for the day. This lap book covered some of the subjects we had already studied for example World War 1 and 2 and the Cold War however it also covered a lot of subjects that we had not focused on for long; music, and food. Since we have already spent a lot of time on the 20th Century we treated this more of a review. However I can see with the additional book suggestions and the information in the printable book this would be an awesome lap-book to cover the 20th Century.

This is a picture of Jam working on the Art study part of the Lap-book.

I asked Jam to tell me which of the projects was his was a hard choice and he had to get them all out to have a good look.

Jam chose the two projects above. He loved putting together the wheel about the inventions in the 20th Century. He also loved coloring the world, planes, and ships and completing the information about the wars (Yes he is ALL boy).

The The 20th Century Lap-Pak is available as a CD and as an instant download.

The download version is $21.95
The CD Version is $22.95

We received the download version and it was very easy to work through. We have done a lot of Lap-books over the last two years. This lap book has excellent details and very well organized. The Graphics are excellent. I love that this lap book prints out in black and white. A little color with pencils and the pictures look awesome.

The download (PDF form) included;
1. Instructions and Directions
2. Lap-Pak Project Masters
3. Reading Text Pages

The PDF guides you through the whole printing process, which believe me takes a long time. Mainly because you use different colors of paper and card stock and some double sided printing (which nearly got the better of me). However I believe the finished result will be well worth it. 

We haven't finished all the projects (There are 22 altogether.) The only part of this lap book which is different to anything we have done before is that the instructions tell you to complete all the individual parts before assembling it together. We nearly caved and put it together as we went along, but we decided to follow the instructions (for once) and put it together at the end. I will post an update showing the completed lapbook when he finishes it.

Very few supplies are needed to complete this lap pack. In fact I didn't need to buy anything. Glue sticks, double sided tape, scissors, card stock (colored and white) paper, file folders and of course a computer and printer.

Home School in the Woods is run by a homeschooling family. They have some awesome products. If you want to check out some of the other products reviewed or what other families thought of the 20th Century lap pack click on the link below.


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