Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blogging around the Alphabet - L is for Late


I can't understand why we are always late for things (unless my husband is with us.)

Last night at dinner I reminded my kids about today's schedule. I was quite specific...

We need to leave at 9:45.

We have to be at piano lessons by...

Your brother has reading time at...

So please make sure you are ready to leave by...

I do work from home in the morning and so sometimes when we are in a hurry I do give them quite a lot of responsibility but they are twelve and ten, and they know how to read the clock.

So at 9:30am I walked upstairs and Jam said "I'm just starting my Khan Academy" and Boo said "I am just starting my A+ Tutorsoft.

I am really on this whole 'no shouting' kick but really... I could have lost it.

Instead all I said was...You have fifteen minutes to be in the car, dressed, with the library bag, and piano books. I then calmly walked into my room to get ready.

So we didn't make it to the car by 9:45 and we were ten minutes late (thank goodness for understanding piano teaches) and we were only ten minutes late for the library reading time (their clock is obviously running slow).

How do you all do it...or am I the only one whose kids can't seem to rush (unless we are going to the Amusement park, Zoo, or Grandma's house).

Any advice to train my kids - without the shouting would be appreciated.

Blogging Through the Alphabet

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  1. I have no clue...we have the same gritted-teeth-shouted-hiss "GET. IN. THE. CAR." every morning. One selfish reason I'm so looking forward to homeschooling my oldest because it means the other two don't have to leave later (giving us another half hour in the morning) AND he can watch the little ones (meaning I only have to make sure the youngest has a clean diaper and can get him dressed later). I set lots of alarms, and it sort of helps move them along - I set them 10-20 min ahead so they get at least one "light a fire under your butt" warning.

  2. I'm not sure really. I mean there is the Charlotte Mason method of habit forming... but my premise has always been to tell the kids ahead of time that it is time to go NOW. So instead of aiming to leave at 9.45, we aim for 9.30. And that lost 15 minutes means we leave at the right time... because I tried to leave EARLY lol
    Needless to say we often leave at the right time, but never early... except when we go to the dentist. For some reason we ALWAYS get there early. Possibly because the kids like going!

    1. That is SO funny I do the same thing...sometimes the kids get smart to the fact I am telling them we have to leave 15 minutes early! lol


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