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Review - Baker Publishing Group - Lily Lapp Books

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I love all things Amish, I always have. I have read all of the Amish books in my library, plus many others. When I was given the chance to review some books from Baker Publishing Group. Life with Lily and A New Home for Lily I was very excited. I also was excited to share these books with Boo.

Life with Lily and A New Home for Lily are designed for ages 8-12 and are about a little girl called Lily who is Old Order Amish. We live quite close to some Amish communities. In fact while driving my English niece around last week she caught her first ever glance of the Amish.

The publisher recommends these books for girls, and although my 12 year old Jam has shown NO interest in reading them...Boo often gave him updates of the story and he has always listened with interest about the details of Amish life. She was also a little freer with information relating to the story, as she knew he wasn't going to read the books. (See was not as quite forthcoming with me as you can read in the next paragraph).

Boo has found a new love in Amish books. The first book she read Life with Lily was a real treat. In fact we started reading it together, but she lost patience with our lack of corresponding free time and just starting reading the book by herself. Then at certain times during the day she would say things like..."You never guess what happened"... followed with "I'm not going to tell you as it would ruin the story". So because of that when I asked her what she liked about the story is quite limited - as she doesn't want to spoil the story for anyone who may read it. She loved the book, became very involved with Lily Lapp's life and really feels like she got to know her personally. However some of her comments while reading were very humorous and I have to share. One day I heard her say "Oh my goodness, that is crazy! Mom I can't believe Lily just did that" and then again she would refuse to tell me what or she would say "Oh NO that is SO mean" again no explanation was given, "Guess what happened too...That makes me SO mad". So of course I did what anyone would do - I finished the book myself.
Boo loved Lily's experience of having a new baby brother, however she was very quick to add that she thought, Little J was the cutest baby she has ever seen. 

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We also read A New Home for Lily the second book in the Lily Lapp series. Boo also loved this book too. We are currently moving to a new town, and selling the house that she has lived in since she was 6 months old. It was nice to read about how other people view and deal with change, especially from a child's point of view.

There are two more books in the series that will be available from July 2013 A Big Year for Lily and in September 2013 A Surprise for Lily which will be the final book in the series. We will definitely be reading all four.

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These books were written by Mary Ann Kinsinger and Suzanne Woods Fisher both authors have connections with the Amish. Mary Ann was actually raised Old Order Amish, and Suzanne's grandfather was raised plain, this gives them a great insight on the Amish way of life.

Each book retails for $12.99 and are available here in paperback or eBook addition.

There is even a fun Lily Lapp Website where your child can play games, ask questions and meet the characters from the books.

Check out the link below to see what other crew members thought of these books.


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  1. I know what you mean about the Amish books. They are fascinating. My oldest probably reads at least one Amish books a week. She really enjoys them. I also love the photo!


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