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Review - Motherboard Books Let's Make a Webpage

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I married a computer geek. I know that sounds funny but truly I did. In fact I married a man that can do just about anything. My son also loves computers and likes to work with his dad. So when I was offered the chance to review a product from Motherboard Books I thought I would check with the man who would be doing the assisting. I told him a little about the Let's Make a Webpage and showed him the link and kudos to him he agreed to help Jam with it.
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So one Saturday when Boo and I had some girly stuff to do, I left the boys at home to start work. Being a little possessive (OK at least I am honest) I kept calling to see how they were doing. After the last "We're fine, he is working through it with no problem" I left them alone.

When we arrived home my son was very proud of what he had accomplished.

I asked my husband how the program worked and he said "It was simple, he just followed the directions, he didn't need a lot of help but it was probably a good idea that I was around to give him a little advice and encouragement. So what about Jam, what did he think...

Jam really enjoyed putting together his webpage. He chose the subject 'Space' and said it was 'cool' how he was able to put moving images on his page. He had a little trouble adding the sound and needed a little more assistance with that. However the rest of it he managed to just about do by himself. At first he found it a little overwhelming but after reading the instructions carefully (sometimes more than once) helped.

We never printed out the booklet. Since we use laptops it was very easy to open the book on one laptop and create the webpage on another.

Let's Make a Webpage is a fun, simple step by step guide to making a simple web page. You need to use a software program (we used a free trial of Coffeecup HTML Editor).

Phyllis Wheeler is a veteran home school mom, she is also a mechanical engineer and even worked as a programmer while in college. She decided to offer a computer programming class at her coop. She searched for a computer curriculum and couldn't find one. She decided to invent one and record it so that it could help others in the future. Check out her about me page to learn more.
The only negative things that I would say about this program is that you have to download Coffee Cup HTML editor to actually make the webpage. We downloaded this as a free trial - which gives you about 28 days to play on it before you are required to stop or purchase the full program. The other problem with computer related material (as my husband constantly reminds me) is that it gets outdated very quickly, so this would not be a program I could keep around to use with younger siblings.

Jam really enjoyed the process and it was a real confidence builder to him that he could do this (almost) all by himself.

Let's Make a Web Page retails for $19.95 and is intended to be used by children 8-12 years old. Jam had a lot of fun creating his page check out what others on the crew thought here or click on the graphic below.

Check out what others on the crew thought about Let's make a web page or Logo Adventures by clicking on the link below.


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