Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aroma2go Giveaway


As you have heard from my previous post I LOVED using my Aroma2go if you missed my review you can read about it here.

They have generously offered a White Aroma2go plus a refill set to a lucky reader.  They will send one of these sets directly to the winner - they have to be in the US (sorry).

So if you want to get a chance to try before you buy enter the giveaway.
 Aroma2Go USB Diffuser - Travel USB Aroma Diffuser "White"   TWO - Aroma2Go USB Diffuser Refill Cartridges - 3 Packs

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  1. I'm new to EOs, so I only have a couple. I've used lavender to encourage restfulness.

  2. I use Thieves and diffuse it throughout my house in the winter to ward off colds.

  3. I love Lavender. I like to put it on a cotton ball, and rub it gently on pillows for a more restful sleep. I've also used peppermint on a cotton ball for queasy tummies in the car.

  4. Lavender.. to relieve headaches and promote calm.

  5. I am new to essential oils too, but I do have lavender and peppermint at the moment.

    Never heard of this, sounds interesting and something we could use.

  6. I haven't ever used Essentials Oils, but would use it to relieve the pain of my migraines. I didn't know that there was such a product to help. I also haven't heard of the giveaway product and would love to try it. Thank you for introducing me to something new.

  7. I love Melaluca for earaches, Peppermint and lavender for headaches, and orange/lemon for energy in the morning!


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