Sunday, July 28, 2013

Aroma2Go Review

I love Aromatherapy and Essential Oils.

I also work from home on my laptop (very early in the morning) so when I was given an opportunity to try this amazing USB Diffuser from Aroma2Go I was very excited.

I have used this diffuser plugged into my laptop and in my car USB drive and it worked perfectly.

The diffuser looks like a regular USB drive, however inside is where all the magic happens. The USB diffuser comes with a little cartridge that can be filled with any essential oil you choose. (My favorite is peppermint)

Here you can see my USB Diffuser plugged into my laptop. You can see the red light on the device that indicates that it is working.

In the picture you can see that there is a switch with little bumps next to it. This is the frequency settings. The diffuser does release in a continual stream but works in 13-60 seconds bursts.

Although it is recommended to have the diffuser in the upright position, as you can see from my picture my laptop has the port sideways. I have not had any problem using the diffuser like this.

We had a short vacation last week and drove five hours each way. I put the Aroma2Go in the USB in our car. I had added peppermint essential oil to the diffuser and everyone loved it. My husband reminded me of the fact I hate 'air freshener' in the car. However by the time we got to our destination everyone agreed it was wonderfully refreshing.

The company also sells little adapters so that you can turn any plug outlet into a USB port, or your cigarette lighter in your car into a USB port (if you are not as lucky as I am to have one). You can also buy extra cartridges in case you are like me and change your mind as to what oil you want. I almost can't wait till someone in my house gets a cold so I can diffuse some eucalyptus.
 If you want to try one of these for yourself they are priced at $24.99. You can order them here.

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  1. How interesting! Never heard of that!!

    1. Keep an eye on the blog. I will be posting a giveaway soon for one!


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