Friday, July 19, 2013

Random 5 Friday

I completely missed last Friday. Well, I completely missed the Random 5 post anyway. My day was absolutely crazy as our furniture was delivered into our new house.

1. My husband and I realized we may be getting old when grabbing a subway this week my daughter said "What's that phone on the wall for?" We realized that she had never seen a payphone before. Shocker :)

2.We took the kids to see a drive-in movie. My niece is visiting from England. I think the girls had the best set-up.

They did too...

 3. Little J has been having great fun with glow sticks.

4.  On our way to the Dentist this week we stopped at an amusement park for a couple of hours. Monday morning and the park was empty. The kids had a blast and it made our trip to the Dentist a lot more fun.

5. We are in the house. My parents were wonderful and let us stay with them for about 3 weeks. We had a blast. Luckily their house is big enough that 6 extra people could move in without even feeling squashed. Living an hour away feels really weird. I know, I know it could be worse, an hour is not far to travel but after 14 years of living around the corner...It's sad.

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  1. My youngest child would not know about payphones either! You never see them anymore!

  2. Where is that amusement park?

  3. Looks like you guys had a good week! The payphone story was pretty cute. :)


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