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Schoolhouse Teachers Planner Giveaway!


I don't know if you can remember my review of I love this site it is full of all you need to help you home school your children. If you want to check out my previous review click here.

I love having a planner to keep all our information in one place. These fun, helpful planners contain all you need to keep your home school or just your home running smoothly.

I haven't used these planners yet, but I have been seriously looking at them as I get ready for our next school year. I know Jam and Boo would LOVE one of their own, so the primary and middle school planners would be perfect. Now I just need to get settled into our new house so I can get more organized.

I have been given the opportunity to offer an awesome giveaway opportunity for you.

One winner will receive one copy of the 800-page Schoolhouse Planner and your choice of one of the Student Planners.

Here's a little bit of information about each planner.


Schoolhouse Planner $39.00
  • Helpful articles written by homeschooling experts like Kim Kautzer, Dr. Mary Hood, and Cindy Wiggers, as well as homeschooling parents just like you.
  • Interactive calendars, planning pages, field trip logs, and transcripts.
  • Must-have lists, including books of the Bible, grammar and spelling rules, a periodic table of the elements, U.S. Presidents and more!
  • Helpful household forms such as chore charts, grocery lists, and meal-planning charts.

 Primary Schoolhouse Planner $9.95
  •  Engaging articles written just for primary students.
  •  Information lists such as Caldecott and Newbery award winners, grammar rules, story starters, math tables, and animal classification chart.
  •  Calendars, planning pages, field trip report sheets, book and video logs, chore charts and a Bible reading schedule.
  •  Recipes for delicious dishes they can make themselves.

Middle School Planner $19.00

  • Interesting articles written just for them.
  • Planning sheets and calendars
  • Forms for writing goals, course objectives, and book reports.
  • A kid’s financial record, Bible reading schedules, and an address book.

High School Planner

High-School Planner $29.00

  • Encouraging articles written by home school graduates, as well as expertly written articles to help with study skills, college planning, and creating a high school course.
  • Calendar and planning pages, record-keeping forms, transcripts, and forms for goal planning and objectives.
  •  A guide for planning a high school course of study.
  •  A college checklist, forms for tracking scholarship information, and for exploring career ideas.
  •  Logs for tracking community service, discipleship, bible memorization, and independent study.

The Schoolhouse Planners are FREE for subscribers -- $3 for the first month, $12.95 per month thereafter. You will gain access to the Planners immediately upon joining

OR You can purchase them here

As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I have been given a membership to, which includes access to the Schoolhouse Planners

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  1. I would choose the high school planner. Thanks! :)


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