Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Courage comes in many forms

This week Jam had signed up to help out with the 'Food For Kids' program. He needed six hours of service for scouting. Jam asked me to call the volunteers and arrange it for him.

He was very excited until we walked in. My brave outgoing son suddenly turned shy. I think it was a mix of moving to a new town, attending a new church, going to a new scout troop, in fact during the last three weeks everything in this kids life apart from his family has changed. Luckily school moved with us - so we don't have that ordeal in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, when I told him I was leaving I could see the look of sheer terror on his face. He asked if he could walk me to the car...I should have caught on, but this was so unlike him it took me by surprise when he tried to get in the car and said he wasn't staying.

Courage like I said comes in many forms. One of them is following through with our commitments even if it is scary. I spoke to him, we called Grandma (back-up) and then I walked him back inside. I stayed for a few minutes as he put on his hair-net and washed his hands.

 He looks really happy - right. However I am pleased to say that when I picked him up two hours later he was smiling - he'd had a great time, made lots of sandwiches and been a great helper. I didn't take a picture after I wish I did. I did however take him for ice-cream. (Bravery deserves a treat sometimes). Although the sweetest part of this was Jam's own feelings he had accomplished something that seemed to hard to do, he realized that he would have been sad if he had given into fear, but instead he conquered it.

Today when I dropped him off, he ran straight in by himself and waved as I left.

Friday he may even be sad when it's over.  

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