Friday, September 27, 2013

Random 5 Sept 27

1. We found the curlers. So the desired curly hair for our Primary Program at Church on Sunday was not produced by the sock homemade rollers! Even though they worked perfectly well.

2. I tried to make Zucchini Bread today...I may never make it again. I think I put too much in the pan and I made quite a mess. Oh well it is finally cooked and I now I have to wait and see if anyone eats it.

3. Jam made me a hot sandwich for lunch today. Toasted Bagel, Poached egg, Jalapeno cheese slice, and a slice of ham. It was wonderful.

4. While the big kids are at their swim team practice Little J and I have been getting some exercise in...the first time we went we tried to take his bike...that didn't work so well on the gravel.

He's turning into quite the walker. He love's collecting sticks.

5. We love the creamy Taco Bell Jalapeno sauce with our tacos. We ran out so we cut off the top so we could did out the last drop for dinner.

The Pebble Pond

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  1. My boys love their grandmother's zucchini nut bread, but I just can't make zucchini and banana breads that well.


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