Thursday, October 24, 2013

Customizeable Allied Shirts Review

 Jam's new favorite shirt

I recently had the opportunity to try something I have never done before. Making a customizable one of a kind T Shirt.

Allied Shirts contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their service I thought it sounded fun. So I got Jam in on the deal and let him design what he wanted.

When you first go to their website you get to choose between unisex long or short sleeved shirts, women's shirts, and sweatshirts. 

Jam chose a regular style round neck lime green t-shirt. After you have chosen your t-shirt the next steps are really simple...literally you add your text. To do this you click on the 'add text' button write your text and then place it in the correct place on the t-shirt. If you want to add extra lines you just clear the text out of the box and then click on the 'add text' again. This can be done repeatedly until your t-shirt design is finished.

Jam chose a quote that he loved from October 2013 LDS General Conference.

Check out how is design came out...he LOVES it.

We love the t-shirt. I got a close up below so you can see how good the printing quality is.  Jam will be wearing this for a long time. This shirt would have cost $22.05. I have not checked but would assume the more you order the cheaper it is.

Allied Shirts Recommends: and Printcopia

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