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Stories of the Pilgrims - Jim Hodges Review and Awesome Giveaway

The kids and I have finished listening to an awesome audio book just in time for Thanksgiving Stories of the Pilgrims.

This story starts in England at Scrooby. We visited Scrooby last year during our visit to England.

As soon as the story started the kids suddenly shouted "We've been there".

The picture below is a picture of the information posted outside of the church at Scrooby.

The Stories of the Pilgrims is a historic production told in story form. We use a lot of audio stories as we do quite a bit of driving. In my mind it's the perfect way to learn history, mainly because my kids don't realize they are learning. Even Little J speaks up now and again while we are listening. He asks questions like "What does _____ mean?" or "Oh I remember when we went ________" and so even when I think they have switched off or gotten engrossed in their coloring books, up pops another question and so I know they are still listening therefore still learning.

The Stories of the Pilgrims takes us through the journey of the Pilgrims from Scrooby, England to Holland and then finally to the New World. The story focuses on the children and their experiences. Boo enjoyed listening about their adventures in Holland. She was able to link it to another book she had previously listened too that taught her about life in Holland. Jam and Little J loved a story about two little boys that were kidnapped by Indians and the adventure that followed.

In fact when the story ended Boo shouted "NO" I want to hear more. No doubt we will be listening to this again very soon.

There is also a study guide that goes along with this audio recording. I have been getting ready to incorporate a lot of it during our Thanksgiving preparations in November.

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