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YWAM Publishing TOS Review - HEROES OF HISTORY George Washington: True Patriot

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Since my husband and I are both originally from England we LOVE to learn American History. Boo has been studying the time period of George Washington. So we were really excited to have the opportunity to review a book and study guide from YWAM Publishing.

George Washington: True Patriot

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and the Heroes of History Study Guide - George Washington

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"First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen."  Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee (referring to George Washington

We read this book aloud as a family- even Dad and Little J enjoyed it. Snuggled in Mom and Dad's bed reading a good book is a fun way to read a book.

If we read it earlier than bedtime Little J's favorite place to listen was snuggled on his bean bag.
I received this book in E-book format that I could open on my Kindle App and 2 PDF files for the Study Guide.

Since Boo and Jam have already read a lot of books about George Washington I wondered whether the book would hold their attention. I had no need to be concerned. We all loved the book. Even Dad commented on how well it was written - casual enough to be story-like but crammed with factual information, for example I learned that George Washington caught smallpox in Barbados while there to try and help his brother Lawrence recover from TB. Jam thought it was funny that George Washington was SO seasick. I sympathized with George Washington's Mother who had witnessed terrible tragedies that made her very paranoid and scared. After losing a child myself I can relate to her feelings.

The study guide has some excellent ideas in it. I printed out a list of key quotes it contained and we worked hard to learn them. Our family favorites are;

"We must all hang together, or assuredly, we shall all hang separately." Benjamin Franklin

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but is you want to test a man's character, give him power." Abraham Lincoln

"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything" Alexander Hamilton

The e-book has 19 chapters and 224 pages long and is intended for students age 10 and up. Although intended for older Little J listened at bedtime with the older two (however he often fell asleep.) It costs $6.99 for either a paperback copy or Kindle/Nook addition. (It is also available in audio book form for $16.49) The curriculum guide is $7.49 that is only available in paperback version.

Jam found his quarter collection (it was still packed since we have recently moved.) and we all looked at it again as suggested in the study guide. In the study guide it suggested displaying different items related to Washington. We didn't do this however the kids would find things and show them to each other, for example Boo found a quarter and explained to Little J that the picture on it was 'George Washington'. It was a great opportunity for them to teach each other.

Included in the study guide are four study questions for each chapter. I used these in a very informal way as we tend to lean towards more of a narration type discussion.I like the fact that they include an 'open ended' question which allowed each child to draw his or her own conclusions to what we read. There is also essay questions, creative writing ideas etc... I read through all of these and I will definitely use some of these in the future. The creative ideas are excellent, I did have to find some easy pictures from the Internet for Little J to color as he enjoys doing that while I read.
One of the art and craft ideas was to make candles like George Washington's mother. Boo has asked if we can do this for Christmas. Boo also wants to make a sampler - something we have been planning to do for a while. So it looks like I may have to get my crafty head on soon.

George Washington is only one in a long list of available people written about in this collection you can see the whole list here. I know I am interested in reading them.

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