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EEME - Electonics (Schoolhouse Review)

We love science, especially electronics. My husband is a bit of a guru when it comes to computers and he was interested in our review from EEME. In fact he was ready to help when he came home from work, but alas he came home to find the project completed.

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Jam was the lucky recipient of the Project Genius Light  review and he was VERY excited when it arrived and jumped straight in.

EEME makes hands on kits suitable for children 7-12 that are perfectly designed for them to work independently.

The company was started by Jack a regular Dad searched for searching for fun, educational things for his children to do. He was a little disappointed with the lack of educational toys he found, that do more than just entertain he decided to create some himself. His goal is to fill a essential gap in education and get kids excited about electronics while they are young.

I have never really been a math/electronic type of person. In fact while I was in college I had to take an electronics course and I struggled with it. Maybe if it had been presented in the way EEME works I may have done better.

EEME offers a five month subscription it is available for $18.95 per month and right now they are offering a free base-board (for a limited time).

The course offered are as follows (click to see the preview).

Project 1: Genius Light
Project 2: DIY Display
Project 3: Tentacles
Project 4: Fade to Black
Project 5: Tune

Jam was able to work through this review all by himself. He did have to rewind the video a couple of times, but he got everything project working in the end. Jam did this project in one sitting, mainly because was he started it I couldn't get him to stop until it was finished. Although you could stop and do it in separate sittings (if you can tear the kids away).
The videos are separated into an introduction, activity, learn, and questions. So Jam learned the how and why, while having fun completing the project. If you need written instructions they are available, however Jam preferred to to use the videos as he is definitely more of a visual learner. There is also an area available on the left side of the videos to ask questions - Jam never used this either, he preferred just to re-watch and redo, and try and try again. The videos last about 45 minutes however it probably took Jam about an hour to complete. He used his laptop however I think it would have worked just as well on my Nexus 7.

The Genius Light kit is a simple LED circuit that lights up when it gets dark and turns off when it is light. Jam was able to build the kit, and then explain to his Dad what he did. A perfect afternoon of electronic education.


Jam loved this kit and so did I for completely different reasons. Jam enjoyed it because he was able to create something cool all by himself. I enjoyed it because I was able to watch my son conquer something by making mistakes and persevering, using critical thinking and solving problems. This was a real 'growth' exercise for him. It was also fun for Jam to do something just for him. He was so proud of his project, he took it everywhere with him for quite a few days, until he showed everyone important to him what he had built (and how).

Just to summarize;

EEME's monthly hands-on project kits teach kids about electronics. Each project kit is paired with online curricula to not only teach kids how to assemble projects like lights, buzzers, and more, but to also teach them how the electronics works.
Sign up for FREE at to preview EEME's video curricula. If you think EEME is the right fit for your family, email for the latest promotional offer towards their monthly subscription. Just let them know you came from my blog

If you do sign up and decide it's not for you (which I doubt) you can cancel at anytime.

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You can find EEME on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, or on their Blog.

Don't just take my word for what others on the crew thought by clicking on the link below.


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