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School House Review Crew ReviewBlue Ribbon Awards - Plus our Homeschooling Favorite Resources

Schoolhouse Review Crew Favorite Reviews 2013 
Blue Ribbon Awards

This year has been our first on the Schoolhouse Review Crew. It has been a huge blessing to our family, and the year has flown by. I have come to know and use some amazing curriculum and books this year, so many it's hard to count. I think we have done 30 reviews since last November. I said 'we' because I couldn't have done it without my kids. Everyone on the crew voted in the Blue Ribbon Awards there were lots of categories to cover all of the many products we reviewed throughout the year.

So I decided to write a top 10 list - that is if I can keep it to 10. I don't consider these in any particular order as some of the reviews are so different it would be very difficult to match them against each other. So a lot of these in my list are products that we are still using or completed.

1. Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics (this links to my review) We love this curriculum and are still using it - full swing. In fact we got together with our science buddies and did more experiments today.

2. Notgrass - America the Beautiful (this links to my review)
This American history curriculum is definitely a keeper. I actually invested in an extra set of books so that I could use it with both my older kids. We use it on a slower schedule because I have added it long term to our schedule. The kids LOVE it too.

3. Baker Publishing Press - Life with Lily (this links to my review)
Boo loved these books so much she is currently reading the last two in the series - review to follow soon. All I can say is SHE LOVES THEM.

4. Aplus Tutorsoft (this links to my review)
Boo has been using this program all year along with our favorite Life of Fred. Boo finds it a great program. I love that since we have been using the online version it is also self-grading.

5. See the Light - Repeated Sweets (this links to my review)
The kids were so proud of their project. I am probably going to get another one of these sets for Christmas. The quality of the end project was amazing, literally if you follow the instructions your child can produce a great painting. I would LOVE the whole set.

6. Rosie's Doll Clothes Patterns (this links to my review)
Boo loved this review, I know we will be continuing to use these patterns for years to come.

7. Institute For Excellence In Writing (this links to my review)
This has got to be one of my favorite reviews ever. We need to get this back into our regular schedule, the improvement I saw during the review period was amazing.

8. VideoText Online Algebra (this links to my review)
Jam has been using this every week since we started the review. He loves it. 

9. Diary of a Real Payne - True Story (this links to my review)
Boo loved this book. In fact she is convinced that the heroine would make an awesome American Girl Doll (Movie too).

10. Reading Kingdom (this links to my review)
Little J has great fun with this program and we use it just about everyday.

I have realized that 10 was a crazy number...there are so many more reviews I loved. To read all of them click on my 'review' tab at the top.

The official award results came out this morning  check out the Official Blue Ribbon Awards.

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  1. See The Light was a huge hit here! Loved them so much! Great list!


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