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The Force - Review

The Force (A Review)

I love books, real paper books, e-books I don't really mind. In fact I am the kind of person that downloads free e-books just in case I want to read them. I am very fortunate to have children and a husband that also like to read. In fact as a family we read a ton. I find it difficult to keep Jam and Boo in books as they read them so fast.

Recently I was given the opportunity to read The Fourth Kingdom and The Force from The Kingdom Chronicles. The Fourth Kingdom is the first book in this series and The Force is the second book.

I am not going to talk too much about the first book The Fourth Kingdom but I did want to share the synopsis from Amazon just to piqued your interest.

"On a warm September afternoon in the year 2000, Dr. Alexander Sinclair travels to the Doppelganger Genetic Cloning Facility near Santa Fe, New Mexico, to meet with its brilliant but mysterious director, Dr. Karl Helmick. Over the next 21 years, the two scientists collaborate on incredible scientific breakthroughs, as Karl becomes friend, mentor, and father-figure to Alexander. But the longer Alexander knows Karl, the more aware he becomes of how little he knows about him. As the years go by, Alexander becomes increasingly suspicious that his colleague is not who he appears to be. And as Karl prepares to implement his plans for the future, each of the men discovers just how far he is willing to go to live forever."

About The Force: 

"Someone is murdering the world’s most beautiful women—over and over and over. When Jarrod and Joshua Sinclair are called in to consult with the FBI about the Hollywood Starlet murders, they immediately sus-pect their old nemesis Josef Helmick of creating clones of famous women for a visiting Saudi prince. Wasting no time, they hire retired detective Fred Kowalski and send him to Dubai to uncover Josef’s base of operations and build a case against him for the murders. But Fred soon discovers that Helmick Enterprises is harboring a secret much darker than human trafficking. Fred must stop Helmick before he resurrects an ancient, diabolical Force in order to bring the entire human race under his control."

I have read both books in the series, and if you are like me then I would suggest you do too. The Fourth Kingdom introduces the characters and history that really helps set the stage for the plot of 'The Force'. I haven't read a 'thriller' in a while, and so these books hit me like a ton of bricks. I can honestly say that I have had a love/hate relationship with them. The books are full of twists and turns. It scares me how evil the world can be and the fear this book brought out in me. There were times when I almost wanted to stop reading, however I couldn't, I was drawn into the story and I wanted to see good win over evil. The reason I found this book so scary is because it is based around the science of technology, cloning and of course the future in a way you could see this becoming reality. I am hoping that there is going to be another book in the series, I will definitely have to read it...

I have the kindle version of both books and the paperbacks, I swapped continually when I read. If I was out and about I would read from my phone or nexus pad (whichever was with me) and then swap to the 'real' book when I was at home. It only took me about two days to read each book, which is normal for me when I enjoy a book. I was about halfway through the first book, when I told my husband and Mom to read it. He has finished 'The Fourth Kingdom' and is halfway through the 'The Force' right now.My Mom had to finish another book she was reading and so she is halfway through 'The Fourth Kingdom'

So just to finish, these books are thrillers, extremely well written. However they do contain some elements that may disturb some people. There are a lot of references and details (in The Fourth Kingdom) of war crimes that I found a little upsetting - mainly because it reminded of the horrors men seem capable of inflicting on others. I do feel it is important that when discussing real life events that we do not make them 'nicer' or 'less distressing' than they really were just to not offend or upset anyone. My husband and I discussed this quite a lot as he visited a Concentration Camp in Germany when he was younger, he can remember how he felt as he walked through it. This is also a Christian thriller and I think this it is well balanced through out the book.

About the Authors:

Alexandra and Joyce Swann are a Mother and Daughter team. Joyce homeschooled her ten children from the first grade through master’s degrees. She is a well-known author and speaker on the subject of homeschooling. For nearly a decade she was a popular columnist for "Practical Homeschooling Magazine". She now blogs regularly on parenting, homeschooling, and Christian lifestyle issues. Joyce and Alexandra have co-authored two other novels, The Fourth Kingdom and The Twelfth Juror, both of which were published in 2010. Joyce’s personal story of her experiences raising and educating her family is chronicled in Looking Backward: My Twenty-Five Years as a Homeschooling Mother, published in February of 2011. Her novel, The Warrior, which tells the story of one woman’s ten year prayer vigil for a man she has never met, was released in May of 2012. She is also the author of two children’s books, "Tales of Pig Isle" and "The McAloons", which began as stories that she told to entertain her grandchildren.

Alexandra is author of "No Regrets: How Homeschooling Earned me a Master’s Degree at Age Sixteen" and "Writing for Today". She has been self-employed for over fourteen years and was the 2011 Chairwoman of the Board of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She writes a regular blog, Paying for Protection, about the consequences of over-regulation and over-reaching government. Her novel "The Planner", which is the prequel to "The Chosen", was published in June of 2012.

One of my blogger friends Wendy did a series of interviews with the authors Joyce and Alexandra Swann on her blog Following in His Footsteps. If you want to know more about these talented women it's worth a visit - say hi while you are there.

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