Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I think I should move to Mexico - to learn Spanish

While I was in Mexico last week it seemed so easy to use some of the few Spanish phrases that I know. I even learnt a few new ones. However now I have been home for 6 days it has all gone. So I have decided for the sake of my Spanish education I need to return. Of course the beaches, warmth, amazing food, and the amazing time with my husband and parents have nothing (ha ha) to do with my decision. I would however have to take the kids with me this time. Jam would have loved all the information our amazing tour guide Eric told us about Tulum (he loves History of any kind). All the information about the Mayan civilization would have thrilled him. Let alone the 'unlimited food and soft drinks' they would have consumed at the resort.

However this is an unrealistic goal. So instead I will have to get out the Spanish CD's. I was also speaking to my library and they have a new online (FREE) language resource I am going to check out.

So that will have to do...for now :)

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