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Random 5 Friday Jan 3 2013

 Random 5 Friday Jan 3 2013

1. Christmas and New Year are over for another 300+ days. I miss how the tree looked in our living room. My husband and I mentioned yesterday how dull it looks without all of the lights and twinkle.

2. Every Christmas when the family gets together we do skits. Every family has to participate. Only my sister and her husband seem to get away with it...well mainly because they are not here every year. However my brother's oldest son was not able to make it this year and their skit was videoed before hand so he could still participate. It was awesome and we all decided that my Sister and her husband can participate now (even if they are on the other side of the country. I am hoping to get a copy of my brother's to share. It was a Monty Python skit Ministry of Funny Walks - You can see the original skit below.

There's was adapted a little of course so that all of their family could participate. They even managed to include their baby.

3. My husband probably won the award for scariest costume. We acted out the Grinch, and my husband got the staring role. He did an excellent job.

4. New Year's Eve can and the weather was beautiful. We decided to take my parents out to one of our favorite walks in the local State park. However when we got there it was closed and so we tried a new walk. It was just as pretty, just not as high up on the cliffs over looking the lake.

5. We have been doing Easy Peasy All in one homeschool however the kids have asked to go back to our Charlotte Mason Amblesideonline program we used last year. I was worried that they were doing TOO much however they said that they don't feel they are learning as much. Funny how a change to do less work was not as popular :) Makes me happy, so I told them I need a week(ish) to get their HomeschoolSkedtrack updated. I am excited, but it means that I have more to organize.

What changes are you making this year. How often do you mix up curriculum?

The Schoolhouse Review Crew is starting up again...and that always gives us exciting new experiences.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful walk. I still haven't figured out what curriculum changes I'll be making -- I just know some things that I want to add.

  2. love the pictures and costume.. Creative.. I'm looking forward as well to the crew this year and to see what will bless our homeschool. Love adventures.. Happy New Year


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