Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday - Feb 28th 2014

1. I tried a new photo sharing program this week. It's easy to do, and it's free! PhotoMambo is really easy to use from the computer or from your phone. They have an iphone/ipad app (which I tried on my husbands phone) however I have an android but I just email the pictures I want to share to a special email address and BOOM, they are sent to the people I have specified. My in-law's live in England and it looks like a really quick way to send pictures directly to their computer from my phone. They seem to like it too!
(I was compensated to try the program but I wasn't required to blog about it)

2. My Mom and Dad have been on holiday this week and have not had cell signal. I hate not talking to them for this's really weird. In fact Boo called them this week and got their voice mail, she was confused for a minute and started leaving a message before she realized.

3. Jam is starting his new Life of Fred book Elementary Physics he is excited. Boo is about to start the Fractions book - she is not as excited lol.

4. We went to my friends house on Tuesday. We get together every week to work on science together. They have a lot of baby lambs at the moment. The sad thing is that the Mom's are not very good and so they have a lot of hand feeding to do. It was FREEZING but the kids really enjoyed helping.

5. I really thought spring was coming... I mean last week we had great weather, and we even went to the zoo. This week it feels like we live in the arctic again, we even have SNOW in the forecast for the weekend. The 90% chance of snow does not make me feel very hopeful. I mean we hand fed lambs this week. Lambs mean spring right! Come on spring - I MISS YOU!!!!!

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